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Congressman Scott Perry Proudly Serving Pennsylvania's 10th Congressional District

About Scott

Constituent Services

I want to serve my constituents in any way I can. Whether you need help with a federal agency, are trying to find out if federal grants are available for your project, or are considering applying to a service academy. I hope all the information in this section will be helpful.

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Voting Record

Date Roll Bill Vote
3/23 153 No
3/23 152 Aye
3/23 151 No
3/23 150 No
3/23 149 H.J.Res. 30 Yea
3/23 148 H.R. 406 Nay
3/23 147 H.Res. 241 Aye
3/23 146 H.Res. 241 Yea
3/22 145 H.R. 1159 Yea
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