Defense and National Security

I sincerely believe that America’s greatest national security threat is our ever-growing national debt. Our nation is currently more than $17 trillion in debt. The culture of spending in Washington is not sustainable. Congress must work to dramatically reduce the massive deficits that have dominated discretionary budgets in the past years.  Failure to reduce our debt and reign in spending could leave us unable to properly defend ourselves against a wide range of new security threats. With the burgeoning costs of mandatory spending programs and Obamacare, we simply won’t be able to afford to fund vital defense and homeland security programs. Furthermore, our staggering economy (due in part to the debt we owe to other nations) has diminished our standing as the world’s greatest power and threatens our interests both here and abroad. The safety of our nation remains my top priority. I believe it is the responsibility of Congress to approve funding for the common defense of the United States and to ensure that our servicemen and women have the resources they need to be successful.

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