Second Amendment

Like every American, I’m horrified by senseless acts of violence that leave us with questions as to how we can better protect ourselves and the ones we love. We need to address the underlying causes of criminal activity and incidents of mass violence that jeopardize our public safety. I’m open to meaningful solutions that may prevent all citizens from having to face the immeasurable loss and grief we witness in the aftermath of these tragic events. I question, however, whether more gun control is the answer.

The U.S. Government already has more than 240 pages of federal gun regulations. In 2010, nearly 80,000 Americans were denied guns after providing false information about their criminal histories during background checks. Yet only 44 would-be buyers were ever charged with a crime. A 2011 Government Accountability Office study found that many states currently fail to share felony and mental health records with the National Instant Background Check System. We need to get serious about enforcing the existing gun laws before we add new ones.

As a proud and responsible gun owner, I am and always will be a resolute supporter of every law-abiding American’s Second Amendment rights. While remaining focused on such Constitutional freedoms, I’m open to thoughtful and meaningful solutions that may prevent future incidents of mass violence. I’ll give any gun-related legislation introduced in Congress my full consideration.

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