Veterans Issues

Americans owe a debt of gratitude to our country’s bravest individuals – those who have served and given their lives in defense of freedom and liberty. As a country, we must remember the sacrifices of our veterans who have bravely served our nation, as well as their families, and I remain committed to providing the best care possible for them.

Still serving in the Pennsylvania Army National Guard for more than 30 years, I’m certainly sensitive to the many challenges facing our men and women who put their lives on the line for our country. We must honor our commitments and obligations to our nation’s military.

With our nation $17 trillion in debt, streamlining all federal programs - including the Department of Defense and Veterans Affairs budgets - is critical to the fiscal well-being of our nation. Yet, Congress can’t lose sight of the promises made to our troops, our veterans, and their families. Our service members must be provided with the tools necessary to complete their mission and return safely as quickly as possible. Further, we must work to ensure that our veterans receive the care and services to which they are entitled in a timely, convenient and efficient manner. I’ll continue to work with my colleagues in Congress to ensure that these goals are met.

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