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Perry Introduces Bill to Save Americans, Blunt Damage from President Biden’s Disastrous Afghanistan Exit

D.C. – Congressman Scott Perry (PA-10) introduced two bills in the House today aimed at saving the lives of Americans left stranded by President Biden’s disastrous exit from Afghanistan and removing the now terrorist-run country from a critical list of allies.

House Joint Resolution 57 authorizes the President to use military force to evacuate Americans trapped in Afghanistan after his arbitrary August 31 deadline.

“President Biden’s unmitigated failure to plan an organized, safe, and secure withdrawal from Afghanistan – based on a timeline relevant to absolutely nothing – killed our beloved Marines, Sailors, and Soldiers, and left countless American citizens and Service Members in harm’s way,” said Congressman Perry, a retired brigadier general and Combat Veteran with more than 38 years of U.S. Army service. “This resolution gives voice, safety, and power back to the American People who have been betrayed by this feckless and incapable president.”

Perry also authored House Resolution 5121, “The Taliban is Not Our Friend Act,” which officially terminates Afghanistan’s Major Non-NATO Ally (MNNA) status.  This designation provides countries with certain security, trade, and defense benefits, which includes sending them Excess Defense Articles.

“Quite frankly, we don’t need to be giving the Taliban additional weapons on top of the ones President Biden’s incompetence already handed them,” said Congressman Perry. “The Taliban is a terrorist organization, and the Biden Administration has proven incapable of dealing with them in a manner that prioritizes the safety of American citizens and our national security.  This bill will help blunt some of the damage caused by his gross negligence.”

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