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Second Amendment

The Second Amendment is a Constitutional right guaranteed to all American citizens. Like all rights afforded in our Constitution, we must be extremely cautious when deciding to limit or remove any of them, which should happen only after the completion of thorough due process; anything less sets a dangerous precedent in allowing the federal government to further encroach upon the rights and civil liberties of private citizens. 

The Constitution doesn’t specify what type of arms we can bear or how/when we may exercise our rights; the federal government also has limited constitutional authority to limit/regulate these rights. To be clear, the terms “assault weapons” and “weapons of war” are political phrases designed to evoke an emotional response – they’re not a defined class of firearms. Remember, criminals who fail to obey laws in the first place certainly don’t/won’t heed new laws. Attempting to stop acts of violence by banning firearms doesn’t address the root cause of the violence. 

While I remain focused on Constitutional freedoms, I remain open to thoughtful and meaningful solutions. For example, I’ve supported significant improvements to our mental health system, which may prevent those who perpetrate these senseless acts of violence, as well as innocent citizens from having to face the immeasurable loss and grief resulting from them.