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Defense and National Security

National defense is a core, constitutional function of our government.

We must do whatever necessary to protect our homeland from terror, and we must take the fight to the enemy. Rather than making up the plan along the way, we must continue to develop and carry out a clear strategy for confronting our Nation’s enemies. Instead of fighting with yesterday’s tools, we must ensure sure that our Service Members have every resource necessary to defeat these threats. 

First, we must protect the Homeland; we must keep terrorists out of America, secure our borders, and stop cyber-attacks. Second, we must eradicate the terrorists, and prevailing in the war against radical Islamist extremism must become our top national security policy. Third, we must ensure that our country is ready to tackle the threats of our time - and beyond. Finally, we must defend our freedom.

Our ability to do that depends on the willingness of our Nation’s leaders to face the world with clear and open eyes, and the determination to secure America’s values and interests. The safety of our Nation remains my top priority. Congress must fulfill its duty to “…provide for the common defense…”, and we must meet that responsibility.