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Economy and Jobs

The economy and jobs remain the top concern of most constituents, regardless of political ideology. Washington must stop spending money it doesn’t have and focus its efforts on creating opportunities for job growth. Small business owners throughout the 10th District have repeatedly told me that increasing taxes and government regulations hurt their ability to create jobs and grow the economy. 

Congress needs to keep prioritizing efforts to make the tax code fairer and simpler, in the hopes of creating quality, family-sustaining jobs and bigger paychecks for every American. Locally, thousands of job openings, especially in skilled manufacturing, remain unfilled. We must continue to reform job training programs and expand education opportunities to give Americans the tools they need to find work. I’ve supported efforts to reform and modernize the maze of federal workforce training programs and help unemployed Americans get back to work.

Government regulations cost the average American family more than $15,000 each year. I’ve aggressively sought to confront excessive government regulations that act as barriers to stronger private sector growth and job creation. 

We can't keep spending money we don't have and we must reduce barriers for real private sector job growth. I’ll remain focused on what we can do right now, and in the long-term, to make a difference in people’s lives.