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Rep. Perry Statement on Federal Judge Blocking Obama Administration's Overtime Pay Rule

York, PA—U.S. Representative Scott Perry (R-PA) issued the following statement after a federal judge blocked an Obama Administration rule to mandate overtime pay to more than 4 million salaried workers:

“Local governments, non-profit organizations and small retailers throughout Pennsylvania are breathing a collective sigh of relief today. Since the announcement of this rule, I’ve heard strong concerns from local organizations throughout the 4th District on the crushing impact of this misguided and unnecessary proposal,” Representative Perry said.

“This unlawful rule was just another example of bureaucrats of the "Administrative State" - in this case the Department of Labor - throwing obstacles in the way of our economy to justify its existence.  This top-down regulation will hurt the very people it alleges to help. Our small businesses and non-profits certainly want to pay better wages, but that must be based on economic factors, not federal mandates that could force these organizations to eliminate jobs just to keep their doors open.  Instead of punishing those who can least afford it through regulation, let’s focus our efforts on making our economy more healthy and creating opportunities. Regardless of the outcome of this legal challenge, Congress will continue to fight this misguided proposal."
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