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Perry Responds to Passage of CARES Act

Congressman Scott Perry (PA-10) released the following statement following the passage of the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act - the third relief package to combat COVID-19.

"Our Nation had a frustrating choice today:  help the American People, small businesses, and healthcare workers during an exceptional crisis – and cave to the radical Left’s blatant political games – or sit back and continue to watch People suffer.  The outbreak of COVID-19 threatens every American. I’ve been working tirelessly alongside thousands of our constituents over the past few weeks – who’ve shared their joblessness, panic and frustration, and who need immediate assistance in our communities. The CARES Act that passed in the House today is a far cry from perfect, and quite frankly, there’s a lot wrong with it; but it provides desperately needed resources for health care institutions to treat patients, allows Americans to keep food on the table, and enables small businesses to stay afloat and prepare to re-open their doors. While I’m extremely concerned about the $2.2 Trillion cost of the legislation - which includes tens of billions of dollars for agencies and items completely unrelated to this crisis, and have absolutely no place in a pandemic economic relief package - I’m clear-eyed about the immense cost our Country would face if Congress failed to act. Our communities, health care systems, and our economy couldn’t wait any longer.”
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