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Perry Calls for Long Term Fiscal Planning

Calls for improvements to Military Readiness and Spending Cuts

Washington, D.C. - As the government funding fight in Washington continues, Congressman Scott Perry (PA-4) called the latest budget busting deal a “disgrace.”

“I’m staunchly opposed to the latest spending “deal” out of Washington – which raises spending caps by nearly $300 billion over two years, on TOP of our existing $20 trillion debt. Worse yet, our government is set to run a trillion dollar deficit this year alone – double that of FY17. Washington’s spending problem continues, unabated. Instead of addressing spending in a strategic and comprehensive way, this bill will grow the size of government by 13%, and that’s not what we were sent to Washington to do. We can’t continue to spend like there’s a magic money tree somewhere – we’re headed for eventual bankruptcy if this doesn’t stop – which also bankrupts the programs upon which people rely every day. Tax cuts will grow the economy, but failing to address the spending side of this issue is negligent. The American People are forced to prioritize their spending - Washington needs to do the same,” said Congressman Perry.

Congress has until midnight tonight to address the funding deadline or the federal government will shut down.

Perry went on to say that this situation was completely avoidable. “In September 2017, I supported a long-term spending package that passed all 12 appropriations bills, some of which were on auto-pilot for nearly a decade. The bill also supported research at the National Institutes of Health, provided resources to local communities to combat the opioid epidemic, and expanded services for mental health and community health centers,” said Perry. “The House prioritized these resources, but – once again – the Senate failed to act. Now the entire Country’s being held hostage by 10 Senators.”

In January, Perry called for long-term funding for the U.S. Military. Earlier this week, he supported a stop-gap spending measure in the House that would fully finance our military through the end of the fiscal year and extend the remaining government funding through March 23, 2018 - or until a sensible spending compromise could be reached. “The lack of long-term planning is creating more government waste and – more critically - preventing our military from focusing its resources on keeping America safe and secure,” Perry concluded.

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