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Congressman Perry’s Statement on the Trump Trial Ruling

Today, U.S. Representative Scott Perry (PA-10) released the following statement: 

“These are the actions of a dictator, plain and simple. Joe Biden has corrupted the awesome power of the U.S. government. His and his radical Left minions’ weaponization of “lawfare“ to destroy their political opponents is nothing more than a Soviet-style show trial, replete with fake charges, the impossibility of innocence, and a predetermined outcome; it’s clear to anyone who even remotely values and respects our Constitution. 

Donald Trump has been persecuted relentlessly at the hands of the Left for political gain, and the American People know it – which is why he’s even more strongly supported around the Nation. 

Joe Biden has crushed our economy, imperiled our national interests and security, and emboldened our enemies. His actions set us squarely in line with the Third World. Today it’s Trump. If they can manufacture the crime to fit the man, guess what? You’re  next. Joe Biden and his minions must be defeated in November.  America can’t withstand any more tyranny. This is breathtaking outrage, and far beyond the bounds of politics and elections.

The future of our Democratic Republic has never been more at risk.”