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Congressman Perry Introduces Bills to Thwart President Biden’s Defense Production Act Manipulation

Washington, D.C. – On March 8, U.S. Representative Scott Perry (PA-10), introduced two bills to prevent President Biden and Congressional Democrats from grossly misusing the Defense Production Act of 1950 (DPA) to advance “green” energy solutions under the auspice of National Security. The Bullets Not Batteries Act (H.R. 7601) and the Planes Not Panels Act (H.R. 7602) will prohibit manipulation of the DPA to manufacture electric vehicle batteries and solar panels.

Americans are so opposed to expensive, unreliable, ‘green’ energy solutions - that President Biden must invoke the DPA to get companies to produce solar panels and electric vehicles,” said Rep. Scott Perry. “Exploiting the DPA to flood the market with cars that don’t work in the cold and energy sources that don’t work in the shade does nothing to help the American People and our businesses – let alone national security.”

Established in response to the Korean War to leverage civil defense and war mobilization, the DPA provides powers to protect American security and well-being amid a crisis. The DPA historically has been used in cases of emergency or immediate threats to human life.

In 2022, President Biden invoked the DPA to drive the production and processing of critical minerals used in electric vehicle batteries. In 2023, he used the DPA to subsidize the production of renewable energy components and electric alternatives, like heat pumps. These actions do nothing to ease energy prices for Americans and make a mockery of the intended purpose of the DPA. The Bullets Not Batteries Act would ensure the President cannot use the DPA to give handouts to electric vehicle special interest groups and their investors. President Biden is expected to announce additional DPA mandates in 2024.

In addition to President Biden’s actions, dozens of Congressional Democrats previously led a bill spending over $100 billion on Big Labor “green” energy projects through the DPA. Not only would this type of action worsen inflation, but it does nothing to help Americans struggling with high fuel and energy prices.

These bills are a necessary - but only first - step to returning DPA to a truly defense-focused bill. President Biden must be stopped from abusing these powers to promote special interest groups instead of contributing to National defense.

To read the text of H.R. 7601, click here. To read the full text of H.R. 7602, click here.