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Perry Statement on Election Integrity

Washington, D.C. - U.S. Representative Scott Perry (PA-10) today released the following statement on election integrity and the role of Congress in ensuring free and fair elections.

“The integrity of our elections in America is sacred.  Regardless of political affiliation, without free, fair, and transparent elections, the bedrock of our republic and our Constitutional rights and freedoms crumble.

In the weeks since the 2020 Election, I’ve heard from thousands of people in my district and all over Pennsylvania – of all beliefs and political parties – who are gravely concerned about this election. An inordinate number of citizens are deeply concerned about the violation of the Equal Protection Clause by the State’s inconsistent application of Pennsylvania Election Law, the unconstitutional process by which it bypassed a statewide ballot to change the election laws, and its failure to allow and protect legal poll watchers. I share these concerns, as do many Members of the Pennsylvania General Assembly. Given the failure of Pennsylvania to address these inconsistencies and irregularities, and the violation of constitutional rights, action at the federal level must be considered.  Failing to ensure accountability of our elections and restore trust in our electoral system has long-term and profound ramifications for our Nation.”