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Perry on National Defense Authorization Act Vote

Congressman Scott Perry (PA-10) offered the following statement today after voting against the House Democrat’s politicized Fiscal Year 2021 National Defense Authorization Act.

“Protecting our Nation and its freedoms is a core and constitutional function of Congress. For each of the past 59 years, Congress has worked through its differences to pass a National Defense Authorization Act that provides our Service Members the necessary resources to defend us and our Country. The bill brought to a vote today by Speaker Pelosi weakens our National defense, denies the authorities of the Commander-in-Chief, and jeopardizes funding for our military - all because of political posturing. The bill prohibits the President from bringing our Troops home from Afghanistan or moving units from Germany and South Korea to better position them for today’s threat landscape. It also severely limits the ability of the President to address threats on our borders and prohibits our nuclear security readiness, all while somehow breaking the budget caps upon which we agreed.  I’m hopeful that our differences will be resolved in the Conference Committee (between the House and Senate), and the resulting product is one that I can support - one that ultimately and fully supports, equips, and enables our Troops to secure our Nation and keep us safe."
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