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Perry Lauds USMCA, Blasts Glaring Partisanship

Washington, December 10, 2019
Congressman Scott Perry offered the following statement in response to the announcement of an agreement between President Trump and House Democrats on the United States - Mexico - Canada Trade Agreement (USMCA):

“While the radical left is trying to remove him from Office, President Trump continues to deliver profound results for the American People. Our economy is growing stronger every day - in ways that have defied expectation - from jobs, to wage growth, to low unemployment, and now with the completion of the USMCA trade agreement. After 25 years, NAFTA’s overdue for an update; one that’s fair and will help our economy thrive. The USMCA carries critical provisions to modernize our trade policies, in light of a rapidly expanding global marketplace. It’s also great news for our workers. We need to get it to Congress as soon as possible.”
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