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Congressman Scott Perry offers "Sweet" Bill to Boost PA Manufacturing Jobs

Washington, D.C. – Congressman Scott Perry introduced H.R. 3705, the Saving Workers by Eliminating Economic Tampering (SWEET) Act to bolster Pennsylvania manufacturing jobs and reduce arbitrary costs hikes for taxpayers and consumers of manufactured goods and foods.

“South Central Pennsylvania is home to some of the largest food manufacturers in the country and they provide quality jobs to many in our region. Unfortunately, production costs are being driven up through taxpayer subsidies, so consumers are being hit three times in the cost of everyday goods; that doesn’t reflect the benefits of our free market system. In fact, it wastes taxpayer money, limits the jobs that companies are able to offer because they’re paying unnecessary costs, and ultimately, taxpayers are paying a markup on the final product they’ve already subsidized. That isn’t right,” said Perry. “My bill simply reintroduces the free market into the sugar industry. Making everyone compete on the same, level playing field benefits Pennsylvania’s workers, consumers and businesses alike.”

The SWEET Act explicitly ends the United States federal sugar subsidies that drive up the costs for American manufacturers and consumers - at taxpayer expense. The SWEET Act would get rid of the hidden taxes and arbitrary price hikes on consumers by eliminating these taxpayer payouts for sugar producers.

Perry supported an amendment to the most recent Farm Bill in 2018, which offered similar reforms but the amendment was not adopted into the larger proposal.

Pennsylvania is nicknamed the “Snack Food Capital of the World,” and for good reason. We’re home to many food manufacturing companies, from pretzels to potato chips to ice cream to candy. Sugar is one of the key components of manufactured foods. The current sugar program imposes up to $4 billion per year in economic losses to the United States. The sugar industry employs 29,000 Americans, whereas sugar-USING industries employ 600,000 Americans - 40,000 of whom are Pennsylvanians.

Perry was joined in his introduction by Congressmen Mike Kelly (R-Erie), John Joyce (R-Altoona), and Lloyd Smucker (R-Lancaster).

The bill was referred to the House Committee on Agriculture for further consideration.
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