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Congressman Perry Applauds Trump Summit with North Korea

Praises opportunity for closure for Korean War Families

Washington, June 12, 2018
Congressman Scott Perry offered the following statement in reaction to President Trump’s summit with North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un in Singapore:

“President Trump’s summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is a momentous, historic undertaking to be celebrated. While much still must be resolved, the first step in these ongoing discussions potentially will make our world safer. I’m particularly moved, relieved and grateful for the President’s ability to get North Korea’s commitment for us to recover the remains of US Prisoners of War and our Troops Missing in Action from the Korean War. I cannot adequately stress the myriad ways this is critical to the Families, friends and fellow Service Members of our Fallen. Losing someone is difficult enough; not knowing their status for decades is a trauma few can truly understand. Families and loved ones now may have the grace of closure and the ability to honor their loved ones with - at the very least - proper funeral honors earned by these Fallen Warriors. We will continue our efforts in the Congress to support the President’s efforts and bolster this momentum for continued progress.”
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