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Congressman Perry Bolsters Defense Funds

Supports $788 Billion Congressional Spending Package; includes $1.6 Billion for Border Wall

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Washington, July 31, 2017 | comments
Washington, D.C. – The U.S. House of Representatives finalized the Make America Secure Act, which funds the Departments of Defense, Veterans Affairs, Energy and other programs, and includes resources to construct a physical barrier along the Southern Border of the United States.
“Passing the appropriations - or funding - bills is one of the most fundamental responsibilities of Congress. This proposal addresses our national security in a responsible way," said Congressman Perry. “I supported the proposal and look forward to working with the Senate to complete this process.”
The bill authorizes the largest pay raise for military personnel in eight years - at 2.4 percent, continues to fund the Global War on Terror, and invests $84.3 billion in research and development for military equipment. In addition, it provides $78.3 billion for the VA - bolstering medical care for roughly 7 million VA patients. It also includes a 25 percent increase in critical military infrastructure projects, and $1.6 billion to secure our border.
The Make America Secure Act passed 235-192, and is in the Senate for further consideration.
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