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Perry Reacts to ACA Repeal Bill

WASHINGTON – Representative Scott Perry (R-PA) offered the following statement in response to the unveiling of the plan to replace the Affordable Care Act:

“The Affordable Care Act (ACA) is broken; it has increased the cost of health insurance for millions, caused many to lose their health insurance, and hurt the majority of hard working people trying to earn a living. For every person that ACA loyalists claim has been helped by this law, another opted out of it altogether. Between the number of people who claimed an exemption from ACA penalties and those who paid fines, some 20 million Americans are rejecting the ACA outright. While I support the repeal, I'm still concerned about the alternative. We need something that significantly reduces costs, increases access, provides the flexibility to choose your coverage, and re-connects patients with their providers - with less decision-making by the insurance companies. I agree with President Trump that this is a starting point for negotiation. I'll continue to seek and hear your thoughts as the Congress moves forward in the replacement process.”