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Rep. Perry Statement on Orlando Terror Attack

My thoughts and prayers are with the victims of the brutal terror attacks in Orlando, and I'm outraged as details continue to emerge.  This is not about gun control. This is not about mental health. This is about terrorism. As the attacks in San Bernardino, Paris and Belgium prove, the West remains the target of the expanding threat of Radical Islamist Extremism - a cancer that must be contained and defeated.  How much more grief, death and sadness must occur before we wake up?

The fact should not be overlooked that this particular terrorist, who pledged allegiance to ISIS, specifically targeted a gay nightclub. ISIS and other Islamist terror groups regularly torture and/or murder homosexuals, religious minorities and women in unspeakable ways. We as a Nation must stand against this evil, violent and intolerant ideology. Civilized society affords every human being the right to live according to his or her faith and conscience - without reprisal or fear.  

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