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Representative Perry Introduces Second Amendment Defense Act

Washington, D.C. –U.S. Representative Scott Perry (PA-4) introduced a bill this week that would prohibit the President from enacting his proposed executive action as it relates to gun control. Specifically, the Second Amendment Defense Act disallows the Executive branch from unilaterally taking action to create more restrictive regulations on law-abiding gun owners.

“President Obama blames Congress’ "inaction" on gun legislation as his reason for once again using Executive fiat to achieve his goals. The U.S. Government already has 240 pages of gun regulations passed by Congress. President Obama’s failure to enforce existing law should be the focus of attention here.

“The latest data from the Justice Department shows that during FY 2015 the government reported 6,002 new weapons convictions - down 5.8 percent from the previous FY when the number of convictions totaled 6,373. There's no “loophole” that prevents federal law enforcement officials from prosecuting illegal gun trafficking. President Obama should be focusing his efforts on pushing the Department of Justice to aggressively investigate and prosecute gun trafficking crimes involving real criminals.

“As a proud and responsible gun owner, I'll continue to be a resolute supporter of every law-abiding American’s Second Amendment rights.

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